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A Quick Guide To Ringless Voicemail Marketing

A Quick Guide To Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Ever gotten a voicemail, but couldn’t recall getting a missed call?

You don’t have amnesia and nothing’s wrong with your cell phone. You’ve just been contacted via ringless voicemail technology.

So you may be wondering how this technology works. 

Well, ringless voicemail is delivered by recording voice notes and sending them to an intended list without ringing their phones. The conventional process of entering individual numbers, and then calling them one after another, is bypassed.

By simply getting marketing messages straight into the potential customer’s voicemail server, you save time. Dialing phone numbers, waiting for someone to pick up the phone and risking rejection, are unnecessary.

It’s a dream for marketers and entrepreneurs. But they aren’t the only ones to gain from this technology. The customers know about helpful products and services without disrupting their daily activities.

How To Use The Ringless Voicemail Technology.



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Knowing about this technology is one thing, using it well is another. This is why we’ll discuss guidelines that help you gain quality leads using this marketing platform.

Speak With Your Natural Voice.

It’s important that you set a phone number aside for this activity. Don’t use a robot to record your marketing message. A staff at the office can record your message for you. And if you don’t have any, do it yourself. Humans relate better with fellow human beings. 

Avoid Using A Script

It’s okay to write something down. What’s not is reading straight from a script when recording. It makes your message sound unnatural.

Remember that the goal here is to connect with your customers. So take notes, revise what it is you want to say and speak directly to your customers.

Don’t Forget To Add A Contact Number

What’s the use of reaching out to someone, to build a relationship, if you don’t give them a way to contact you?

At the end of your message, leave a phone number. Use the phone line with which you contacted them via ringless voicemail in the first place. Also, be prepared for a lot of calls that’ll come through that line. And add a direct or electronic mail to the voice message.

Pairing your voice notes with direct or electronic mail, increases the chances of engagement with your potential client.

Don’t Reach Out To Those Who Don’t Want To Be Contacted.

Once you have your list of potential clients to be contacted, screen to remove phone numbers of those who don’t want to be contacted.

Not calling people who are on the National Do Not Call Registry would go a long way to authenticate the business you’re working for.

Is The Ringless Voicemail Technology Legal?


Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

At the moment, there isn’t any legislation limiting the use of the ringless voicemail technology. But if we’re to follow trends, then it won’t be long before the government comes knocking. 

It’s a common saying that marketers ruin everything. So do the little you can to be civil by not contacting those who don’t want to be. They have their numbers listed on the National DNC list. 

This current state of lose regulation isn’t guaranteed, so be vigilant. Look out for new legal developments as it concerns this new technology.

Try Out This Ringless Voicemail Technology


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There are many ways to get leads and customers. Some choose to go the paid way like using pay per click campaigns or the organic search route. But nothing comes close to ringless voicemails because they are low cost, low energy. They can be used for almost all kinds of businesses including retail stores, local service business, real estate and more.

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