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Ringless Voicemail Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Ringless Voicemail Marketing For Real Estate Agents

If you’ve been in or around the real estate industry long enough, you’ll realize the biggest problem realtors face is a good lead generating system. Hop on the internet, and opinions abound regarding the best marketing approach to find clients in the real estate business. 

Unfortunately, few of these ‘blog gospels’ actually work and even fewer produce consistent results over time. This leaves most real estate agents bereft of ideas to bring customers through the door. Of course, getting an FSBO listing service of leads is more of a means to an end here and not a solution to client acquisition in itself.

So what do you do with a list of prospects once you have them? 

Many real estate agents go the well worn route of text messaging. Can’t blame them really. It’s quite effective and can be low cost too. But it’s a gunpowder keg of an opportunity. This medium of communication is stifled stiff with legal snares and regulations. You’ve to be aware of common sense moves that don’t align with the law. Little things like established business relationships don’t guarantee a hiccup-free communication via text message. It simply isn’t the best way to get leads.

So… any other ideas? Like telemarketing?


Telemarketing is a really good way of getting quality leads. Although it can be a time and energy guzzling activity, it’s often effective. But then again, many don’t exactly picture cold calling in a schedule of a dream work day.

Direct mail… ?


It’s a great form of marketing, don’t get me wrong. But it can be a money sinking venture whose success is predicated on high level copywriting skills. That’s to say that you may put in a sizeable chunk of cash into the venture and still come out with nothing to show for it.

So what marketing strategy would be cost effective, require little time and energy and bring in consistent results with as little regulations as possible?

Ringless Voicemail Technology 

Ringless Voicemail Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Ringless voicemail technology helps different types of online and offline businesses send voicemail messages to potential customers without alerting them with a phone ring. So if you’ve got your FSBO listings and you want to get to possible leads in a cost effective yet efficient way, use this medium of communication.

There are many communication apps for phones but the best for business is the ringless voicemail way of reaching your potential clients.

  • For one, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it working. 
  • The technology itself has been built to help you easily operate it. You don’t have to be tech savvy to operate this thing.
  • In no time, you’ll have it all set up and running. Just get your intended list of contacts and upload them. Then record a message and send it to them. The whole process can be done in minutes.


To succeed, all you really need at this point is a convincing message and an effective ringless voicemail delivery system.


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