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How to Run a PPC Campaign – How do PPC campaigns work?

How to Run a PPC Campaign – How do PPC campaigns work?

Every successful PPC campaign thrives on a solid strategy. The trick is to ensure you plan well so that your campaign is optimized for maximum exposure and clicks. To make the most of your campaign take time to learn as much as you can about how to run a PPC campaign. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll be all set for a successful PPC campaign.

How to Run a PPC Campaign

In this post, well discuss what you need to do before launching your PPC campaign to ensure you increase your chances of success. They’re a few simple things you should do to ensure your PPC campaign is set up correctly.

Identify Your Objective

Start by pointing out your goals. You need to not only understand but also clearly define your goals and objectives so your campaign can be measurable and effective. Consider whether your main

How to Run a PPC Campaign

How to Run a PPC Campaign

objective is to generate leads, gain conversions or build brand awareness. If you’re still new to PPC, determining your goals can be tough. Just start with a broad objective and narrow it down further.

Research Keywords For PPC

You can’t have a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign without proper keyword research. You can choose keywords to create ads that target potential clients based on their online searches. Leverage the tools for keyword research as there are plenty of them.

Set Up Keyword Matching

Google PPC advertising is based on certain criteria you choose so that your ad will appear based on specific search terms. You can choose various options including:

  • Exact match
  • Phrase match
  • Modified broad match
  • Broad match

Target by Location

Industry professionals say a common mistake people make is to limit the relevance of their ads by having their geography either too narrow or too broad. There are plenty of targeting met

How to Run a PPC Campaign

How to Run a PPC Campaign

hods so you want to be precise when it comes to geotargeting. This means you can target your ads to appear only to customers in certain sets of locations or a certain location that you specify. This helps you to avoid wasting ad spend on clicks from people who are outside your geographical reach. Similarly, if you don’t want to target certain locations, you can exclude them.

Geotargeting can also allow you to show ads to people who show interest in a location where they don’t live. You can achieve this by specifying:

  • When a person uses a country-specific domain
  • When a person is using Google Maps to search for your business
  • If a person types in the location name in their search

Include Google AdWords Extensions

Google AdWords refer to extra snippets of relevant information about your business that you can add to your text ads. This can include everything from business ratings and contacts to business locations and so on. Some AdWords extensions to consider include:

  • Review extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Call extensions

Bottom Line

Learning how to run a PPC campaign is all about planning. You need to plan the entire process from scratch to execution and monitoring to make necessary adjustments. The trick is to have a clear beginning objective then follow everything with a few strong tactics.

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