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How To Stop Being Harassed By Ringless Voicemails. 

Ever received voice messages that didn’t come with a phone ring?

You were most likely sent prerecorded voice messages. These robocalls are delivered by organizations and enterprises without ringing your phone.

For sometime now, robocalls have become a nuisance to the public and the government has stepped in with new legislation to make big service providers like AT&T to use tech that enables people know if a call is coming from a real number or not.

But ringless voicemails have been able to escape the regulation that most telemarketing processes go through. Originally intended for things like a reminder for a doctor’s appointment and church gatherings, marketers have hijacked the medium to send pitches to their target market.

They bank on you assuming all your voicemails are a result of you missing a call, to slip in their marketing messages. 

The thing is, not only can this form of marketing be annoying to the general public, but the medium of communication itself can be abused by enterprises and scam artists. This leaves certain demographics vulnerable to their manipulations and scams. Elderly citizens that have mental health challenges could end up being the most vulnerable of all.

Here Are Some New Developments With Ringless Voicemail.

How To Stop Being Harassed By Ringless Voicemails. 

A lot of telemarketers have been tried to sell the idea that ringless voicemails aren’t robocalls because they don’t ring your phone. This argument, to put ringless voicemails as just voice messages, aims at avoiding regulation. Marketers want to send these voice notes to the public without the public having some form of filter or control over the type and frequency of messages they receive. This lopsided relationship has given scam artists an advantage to get more victims to fall for their tricks.

Despite this development, a federal judge ruled that these ringless voice notes are still robocalls. Subsequently, the TCPA regulations (Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) can be applied to this medium of communication. But we’re still a long way from completely eliminating ringless voicemail. 

How Can You Combat The Latest Ringless Voicemail Tactics?

How To Stop Being Harassed By Ringless Voicemails.

Thankfully, there is a list of ways to handle this telephone menace. We’ll be listing and describing these steps. They’ll help reduce the amount of spam calls and ringless voicemails that make it to your phone.

So shall we?

If you get unsolicited calls or voicemail, please contact the FCC and make your complaint

To get off these sleazy phone lords, get on the nation-wide Do Not Call list

You could also get on phone services that screen for these kinds of messages. These services cut off ringless voicemail and other robocalls from getting to an intended phone.

Get on the FTC list. It can be a good source of information for avoiding spam calls and ringless voicemails.

So What Exactly Are These Phone Screening Services?

How To Stop Being Harassed By Ringless Voicemails

They are technology companies that help keep spam and scam calls from getting to people who use them. In addition to security, there are other amazing features these landline-style phone services come with. We’ll be looking into some of them soon. There are many important apps on the both Android and IOS phones that help make our lives easier and these kinds of apps are definitely among them.

Why use the phone screening services?

The benefits are plenty and include being a fast, effective and permanent solution to never-ending robocalls and ringless voicemails.

Many don’t fully understand how commerce works online and that leaves many vulnerable to potential scams. Getting on the Do Not Call list may not be enough to get these phone scammers and unwanted  marketers off your back. Even when you file complaints at the FCC, you find out it’s exhausting doing that for every single unsolicited call. 

Other perks of using these phone  services include the proper handling of repeat dialing and false alarm calls like calling 911. These problems tend to be a struggle for elderly patients coping with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

To Conclude 

The phone service can go a long way to reduce the strain and stress that loved ones of these patients go through while caring for them. Not to talk of the ripple effects of  resulting harmonious relationships. Getting apps, such as Android and IOS games, for elderly relatives can be a great way to pass time. But these phone service apps are just as important.


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