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How to Start a Pay Per Click Campaign – Launching a Successful Campaign

How to Start a Pay Per Click Campaign – Launching a Successful Campaign

Not able to get the right answer to the question, “How to start a pay per click campaign?” If yes, then you have all the reasons to spend some time going through this article. With the right PPC campaign, you can convert interest in sales. 

How to Start a Pay Per Click Campaign

We will try and have a look at the various things to be kept in mind while starting a pay per click campaign. It will help you to get started on the right note and avoid the trial and error methods that often eat up a lot of time, money and effort. 

How To Start A Pay Per Click Campaign

How To Start A Pay Per Click Campaig

What is it All About?

When you talk about pay-per-click advertising, we are referring to an alternate mode of advertising using the interest. In the traditional method, we have to pay for each advertisement that is broadcast or displayed. This could either be in the print media or the electronic media. However, when you choose pay per click campaign, you will have to pay only when somebody clicks on the advertisement. You can also learn more about how pay per click works by doing additional research. Google and Microsoft have some of the best known PPC (pay per click) advertising options available. There are other such platforms too including recent social media platforms like Facebook. If you look around you also will be able to come across thousands of other such websites that offer PPC facilities. 

Why Should You Use PPC?

You should use PPC advertising for the purpose of building brand awareness. However, it becomes more effective when you wish to encourage prospective customers to follow up their visits with immediate action — especially if you know how ecommerce works and want to get your business off the ground. This could include buying a product or being a part of mailing list by opting for the same. 

A Few More Advantages

PPC allows you the flexibility of identifying the right keywords that are in alignment with your target customers. Once this has been done, you can ensure that you get the ads in front of the right audience. As mentioned above, you as a PPC advertiser you have to pay only when someone takes enough interest and actually clicks on the ad. Once this happens, the visitor is taken to the landing page of the website. There you stand a better chance to convince them to take action now. You also will be able to find out how much is a visitor worth and this can help you to set your targets of advertising spend. Further, since PPC is very flexible it allows you to try out various options and then decide on the best performing campaign. This may not be possible in a conventional brick and mortar advertising. 

How To Set Up a Pay Per Click Campaign

Before you get started, be clear about your goals. Are you looking for more sales or do you want more sign-ups. Or you keen on increasing enquiries. Once these basics are in place, you must decide where to advertise. You could choose Google Adwords or Microsoft advertising among a host of others. Spend time on the keywords that you would like to bid one. It would be better to set different keywords for different keywords and also have a fix on a daily, weekly or monthly budgets. Also make sure that you have the right methods to track your PPC campaign. 


Once you are aware about the basics of PPC, you will be in a much better position to answer the question how to start a pay per click campaign. It might take some time and you would be better advised to go slow rather than rushing through it and making mistakes in implementation. If you have any additional questions, it’s important to look on tech blogs and contact professionals who can help you set up a successful campaign. 


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