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25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018

Hey, you got a new phone as a gift for this new year. After getting an Android phone you are searching for which are best android apps. Then you are in right place in this 25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018 article guides you to choose best apps. Without any delay, let’s move onto the topic!!!

25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android

Having best Android phone is not enough. You should download android apps which will help you to do some works easily. All Android applications we discussed here all are available in Google Play Store. And we provide links below of each application description you will get the apps there.

In this article, you will not get info on some top Android apps such as Gmail, Maps, Facebook etc. Why because almost All Android phones have these android apps by default. There are so many android apps categories here you will get best useful apps for android mobile in this.

Best Android Apps For Security

These days Android security plays a vital role. So having best android security apps will protect your smartphone from malware attacks.

Avast Mobile Security

This is a free app and consists so many features. Those are virus scanner, virus removal, call blocker, network meter, app manager and a firewall. If you pay some premium then you will get the app-locking feature. This will helps you to give a PIN to your private apps. Nobody will open those apps without entering the pin which you have given.
Download Avast Mobile Security


This is highest rated android apps for security has some best features and it is very good to find malware with 99.9% of detection rate. This Kaspersky Application blocks malicious websites before you check them. And its prevents infection which occurs in the first.
Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

McAfee Security & Power Booster Free 

McAfee is another best android antivirus app. This consists a feature that tracks a lost device and also locking and wiping it remotely. In case your device stolen then this app even can take a picture of the thief. This scan apps to find any app leaking sensitive information if happen then immediately it lock them. It blocks malicious websites access and it allows you to keep a blacklist of unwanted callers.

Download McAfee Security & Power Booster Free 

You will get more info on best android apps keep follow our collection of “25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018“.

Best Android Photos Apps

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the best photo editing and collage maker. By using this you will get quick and powerful editing options on your mobile devices. This collage maker gives you flexibility and control of images. It lets you make some adjustments to images with the good and simple interface. It connects to various other sharing services.
Download Adobe Photoshop


By using this app you will upload, access, edit and share your photos from anywhere and any device in the world. Flicker offers a free terabyte of photo storage. It consists excellent photo and video editing tools. This connects to a community of photographers on the service. The best thing about this app was it automatically back up photos from your device. Download Flicker


VSCO is another best android photo editing app. This will perform both camera and photo sharing platform. It’s having a rich collection of filters and user-friendly interface editing tools makes it best. In this VSCO each filter can be altered to your zest. And this also dwells highly powerful adjustment tools for change your image.
Download VSCO

PicsArt Photo Studio

This is a most downloaded Android application for photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. PicsArts basically used for making awesome pictures and do some remixes to edit pictures into good colleges. It is having best effects and manages layers, drawing tools and stickers. If you want to take your android phone snapshots into next level then this will best option for you.
Download PicsArt Photo Studio

Popular Mobile Apps For Workplace Productivity


This is one of the top android productivity application. By using this you will find the best time for any event. It is free and easy to setup if those who participate they don’t need app or account.

Doodle is very useful to plan your next party with friends, outdoor events, business meeting, reunions etc.
Download Doodle


This android application makes your files together in one place and syncs them with all your devices. Then you will access them easily anytime, and anywhere. This Dropbox is basically designed to reduce busywork. By using this android application you send large files very easy, even though you don’t have a Dropbox account. In these, you will get best features like shared folders, offline access, doc scanner etc. Dropbox makes collaborating with others easily.
Download Dropbox

For more best useful apps for android mobile keep reading our collection of ‘25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018‘.

Android Mobile Phone Apps For Health and Fitness


There are so many best android apps for the category Health and Fitness but Fitbit is one of the top android application. By using this app you will manage weight, eat better and get better sleep. By using your smartphone this app count steps and activities help you to achieve daily goals. Fitbit consists social features, with them you can compete against your friends. Those who are looking to be more active then this is a better choice for them.
Download Fitbit

Eve by Glow

This Even by Glow app gives you info regarding period tracker & ovulation tracker. And not only that it tracks physical and emotional states and gives love, sex relationships tips. In this, you will get more info about birth control, pregnancy, menstruation tips.
Download Eve by Glow

My Asics Run Coaching

This app available in both iPhone and Android. And it customized training plans for marathons, 10K, 5K, 10 and 5mile distances. In Most running apps you will get problems to access training regimens. My Asicsmake your training plans and adapt your goals, abilities and automatically adjust your schedule. By using this you also track your training route, time(total and laps), and distance.
Download My Asics Run Coaching

Best Useful Apps For Android Mobile For Reading and News


Feedly is the easiest way to know best of all favorites sources of news. In these, you will get total news info at one place and it categorizes your source for focused reading. By clicking Today tab you will get top stories from each and every category. Daily millions of learners using Feedly to follow blogs, magazines, and others which helps them. In these, you can organize all your blogs, publications, and more one place and share more easily.
Download Feedly


This organizes worldwide stories, so you will get the best news for your passions in one place. Flipboard is an award-winning app and its bring news, popular stories, and conversations together. Every day millions of people using this app and here everyone gets something for them. By using Flipboard reading, collecting, and sharing no more difficult for you.
Download Flipboard


The Kindle app provides you so many of books at your fingertips. This is very useful for every reader (book, magazine, newspaper reader). This Amazon Kindle app gives you all of exiting amazon ebook info at your fingertips. The best feature of this app was syncs all your bookmarks and notes info.
Download Kindle

If you are searching for highest rated android apps then “25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018″ article helps you a lot.

Highest Rated Android Apps For Personal Productivity


If you want to take all manner of notes and organize them perfectly then Evernote is the best option for you. These notes are anything like text, images, audio etc, this app organized into notebooks. It’s having optical character recognization feature that makes the text in images searchable. Evernote provides you to sync and comment on content across all devices.
Download Evernote


This brings the best news experience on your smartphone. Mint track all your finances and it is a fantastic online service. After entering your information in this then you can check up your finances easily. This app gives you business and finances latest news, opinion, analysis, videos and slideshows. This track your goals and new bill paying feature remember so you never miss a payment.
Download Mint


This is one of the best android productivity app in recent times. If you want to keep your life organized with different to-do lists then Todoist best option for you. By using this you simply track everything from shopping grocery and different projects. Here you can assign different things based on their importance. This Todoist helps you to get all your thoughts and tasks on your to-do list anytime, anywhere. You will sync all of your devices even though you are in offline.
Download Todoist

Best Droid Apps For Music and Podcasts

Songlick Concerts

This will work as a bridge between music in your collection and concerts in your area. This will make so easy to go concerts. After installing Songkick it scans your device for music. And you will get info about your favorite artists where and when they are playing. This lets you track artists and connects with google play music, Spotify, and Facebook. This will build local concert guide just for you and notify about new shows.
Download Songlick Concerts


This consist huge index of music for that reason it has become a backbone for free and legal music streaming. Here you can shuffle songs to find your favorite albums or you can explore one of the excellent playlists. You are facing disruptions while running, driving, working out etc, Spotify give solution for you. In this, you will play the perfect song, album, radio station without breaking the flow.
Download Spotify

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

This helps you find interesting things to listen from over 65,000 shows that based on your listening. Stitcher consists difficult interface even though it connects you with every podcast out there. Here you will download or stream episodes for offline purpose. Stitcher Radio changes the way you listen to the radio it not schedule of traditional radio. From NPR, CNN, Fox News, ESPN and BBC you will listen to favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows. These all are popular mobile apps if you are eagerly waiting to know best android apps then follow “25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018“.
Download Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Top Best Android Apps For Shopping

Amazon Shopping

This is best shopping app in recent times it gives you more than 10 crore original products with fewer prices. In this, you will get latest electronics, accessories, software and home appliances etc. The video-related functionality of Amazon moved to its own dedicated app. If you are registered as a prime member then you will get more opportunities. Download this Amazon shopping app for free. It is available in google play store and enjoys online shopping.
Download Amazon Shopping

Google Opinion Rewards

By giving quick answers for surveys you can earn google play credit with Google opinion rewards. This app designed by google surveys team. You will not get this surveys frequently but you will increase chances of getting more. For that enable your location and answer surveys quickly. I’m this you will not get more store credit but that is enough to purchase an app or album.
Download Google opinion rewards

Google Wallet

This is one of the best payment apps. Google wallet has gone many changes over the years. By using this you will do payment to person to person. This is latest payment app here you will do payments very easily. By using this you will overcome some problems with cash or credit cards getting in the way. At that time it is a better option.
Download Google Wallet

That’s it these all are best useful apps for android mobile I hope you will get some useful and best information regarding best android apps from “25 Essential Best Android Apps For Android In 2018”article. If you like this post then share this with your friends. Having any queries feel free to comment below.

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