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Voice Changer Apps For Android Iphone Pc

Voice Changer Apps For Android Iphone Pc

Whether you love a good prank or you’re just fascinated by voice changing apps, it helps if you know the best ones in the market. Unlike the old days when you needed to use additional hardware to change your voice, you can alter your voice with nothing more than a simple app. Which is the best voice changer app iPhone has to offer?

Voice Changer App iPhone

This article will cover some of the best voice changer apps available out there. Read on to discover apps that will help you alter your voice and prank your friends or to use in a professional setting. 

voice changer app iphone


Snapchat is mostly known for filters that change your appearance through facial recognition, but there are also voice filters. All you need to do is record a video and tap the loudspeaker icon at the bottom left of the screen. There is a wide range of options to play around with, so try out different ones and see what suits you best. If you don’t have this app already installed on your phone, it’s available for free in the App Store.

Best Voice Changer

As implied by the name, this app is a great voice changer. While it’s hard to determine whether this is indeed the best voice changer, it makes a compelling case with a broad array of features and a fairly clean UI. You can import files you already have or record voice files. Once you’ve loaded a file, the app provides a variety of vocal effects so you can make yourself sound like a bee, alien, robot and more. Some of the effects may be lackluster, but the ones that work do so as expected. You can download the app for free, but expect some ads.

Call Voice Changer

If you need an app that allows you to change your voice during a phone call, consider Call Voice Changer. The app offers a wide range of sound effects and also allows you to change the pitch of your voice during a call. Before committing to a purchase, you can try it out in demo mode, which allows you to listen to listen to the end result. You can also look into various other utility apps that help with other everyday tasks beyond simply talking on the phone.

Funny Call

voice changer app iphone

This app also allows you to modify your voice during phone calls. The interface is a little confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it after trying it out a few times. There’s no demo call option, but you can test the different voice effects by recording your voice. 

Voice Changer

This app is packed with several different voices to try ranging from a chipmunk, alien, duck and a robot. You can open an audio file and apply the effect or do so as you record. It’s free and still being updated. However, there’s no option to use it during a call and the interface is pretty dated compared to others.

Professional Settings

Not only are voice changing apps fun and entertaining to use, but they can also be used in professional settings. For those who aren’t the biggest fans of how they sound on the phone, they can utilize a voice changing app to change their voice to create professional voicemails or front-desk office line voicemail messages. This tactic can be used by professionals in almost every industry ranging from dental offices to home renovation and improvement specialists.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a voice changer app, iPhone has plenty to offer. The apps mentioned in this article allow you to alter your voice in a variety of ways. You can always try out several and choose the one that best suits your needs by doing research online and utilizing tips and tricks that’ll help you navigate the web.

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