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Tez App Tricks | How To Remove Better Luck Next Time in Tez App

Hey, you want to get free money from online? All of us want to make money from online. So in this Tez App tricks article, I am giving you one of the best methods to get free money from one simple app. That is none other than TEZ App. If you want to get more free money then follow this “Tez App Tricks | How To Remove Better Luck Next Time in Tez App” article helps you to get free cash.

What is Google TEZ App?

This is first Indian app that will give money to us on sign up and refer friends from this app. None other than Tez other apps not providing this type of offers too. This is the best App to get real cash without any mistakes or frauds. Tez app supports all Indian government banks and most of the private banks also. By using this app you will make payment to others. You will Send money to others banks and also transfer money from phone number to bank account also.

To get this best features you have to download Tez app from Google play store. If you don’t know how to signup then below we will be given full process follow that. And create an account then fill the all the details which require Tez app. After Joining in Tez app you will get RS 51 from this app. If you do not have interest then take Rs 51 and simply Uninstall it. If you want to get free money then check this article completely.

How will we get Free money By using Tez App Tricks?

Here in this Tez app, you will get free money by Referring Friends (that means Refer to friends and earn money). Send money to others and get a scratch card, buy tickets through this app and get the free amount on the scratch card. And a lot of options there to get money from this Tez. So here in this article, we are providing total info regarding Tez app and Tez app unlimited tricks. So keep following this ‘Tez App Tricks | How To Remove Better Luck Next Time in Tez App’ article until the end.

How to Join and Create account On Tez App?

  • In the first step, you have to download Tez App.
  • After installation opens Tez app and enters the phone number of the bank which you have given to your bank account.
  • Then you will get OTP, so verify that.
  • Set M pin for more security.
  • Next Click on your profile section.
  • Open bank account option and select your bank name.
  • It’s finding your bank account details automatically.
  • After completion of above steps successfully your bank linked with Tez app. (In above process may be it will ask you to give your ATM cards last 6 digits).
  • After signup, you have to open Tez App again and click Send money option.
  • Send Rs.1 on any Tez Number or any other referral Number then you will get Rs.51 instantly to your bank account.
  • If you have any doubts then check Tez Reward option there you will find Rs.51. You will get more information regarding this invite friends method below.

Tez App Scratchcard Trick

By sending money to others you will get a scratch card. By opening that you will get money that rewarded be Tez app. If you don’t know about this Tez app tricks here we will give you total information about Tez app scratch card. Also, you will get Tez app tricks to earn money and Tez app unlimited tricks to get more money. In this scratch card you will get up to 1 lakh free money every week and there is a chance to win up to Rs.1000 daily.

Total Scratch Card Details and Earning Methods

After completion of each transaction, you will get a scratch card. In that, you have a chance to get free money and prizes. For more details about scratch card click reward option on Tez app you will get total info of scratch cards. You don’t know about them any need to worry here we will discuss each of them step by step. If you already know about this scratch card types simply ignore this and check How to remove better luck next time in Tez app scratch cards method below.
Let’s discuss types of Tez app tricks to get scratch cards methods. They are

1. Invite Friends (Get Rs.51)
After signup, you invite your friends by sending referral link. After he/she install Tez app and do the first transaction then you and your friend get Rs.51 within 7 days. In this referral, most of the cases get money instantly on both accounts. In these case, you will not get any scratch card but the amount will directly be added to your account.

Referal or Invite Friends on Tez App tricks Process:

Join —> Open Tez App Home Page—>Click Offer Option—>Find Invite Friends to Tez —>Open that card—> You will get Invite link

  • Copy that link and Share that with your friends and family.
  • And tell them to join in the Tez App and make the first transaction.

2. Send or get Rs.150 or more (Get Tez Scratchcard worth up to Rs.1000)
This is available for all users. In this you have to send money above 151 rupees after that you will get a scratch card. You will get information of that from Tez app reward option. Just simply scratch that card and you will get money up to 1000.

Process Step by Step:

Open Tez App—>Click New option—>Choose contact Number—>Send Rs.151 or more—>Then you will Scratchcard on new option—>open and Scratch —> you will get up to 1000 free money

3.Pay Rs. 500 or More( Scratch card Up to 1 lakh)
This is big offer here you will have the chance to get up to 1 lakh rupees. This is almost similar what you have done in Rs. 151 scratch card method. But here you have to pay Rs.500 or more. If you send more than 500 you will get a scratch card.

Process Steps:

Open App—>Click New—>Pay Rs.500 or more to a contact—>Get Scratchcard—>Scratch that card on Friday by opening Reward option

If You want to know more info on Tez app tricks then keep following our collection of “Tez App Tricks | How To Remove Better Luck Next Time in Tez App“.

Tez App Unlimited Signup Bonus& Unlimited Scratch Card

To get this you must have another bank account. You don’t have then create a savings account on airtel payment bank. If you don’t know how to create an airtel payment bank account then follow this below steps. Goto Nearest Airtel Recharge Shop and create a new zero balance account on your Airtel number.

Note: Create an account from a different number that didn’t register on your old account.

Steps to get Scratch Card Unlimited trick:

Take another phone —>download Tez app from old referral link

  • Create an account with new Airtel number which links your Airtel Payment bank account.
  • Then send Rs.1 from your old account to new Airtel payment bank account.
  • Return immediately to your old account. Then check your two accounts their you will get Rs.51 each.

Also, you send money between two accounts and you will win unlimited scratch card.

How to Remove Better luck Next time in Scratchcard(Tez scratch card tricks)?

After completion of a transaction in Tez app, you will get a scratch card. Every transaction you will not get a scratch card you will get only 5 scratch cards for a week. After scratching a card you will get some money but most of us will get better luck next time mostly. So here I am giving you solution to that problem.

Steps to Remove Better luck Next time in Scratchcard:

Send money to 5 different people in your Tez contact list. After completion of 5 transactions, you will get 5 scratch cards.

  • After completion of the transaction doesn’t scratch any card. Leave them to this day.
  • Just Open Tez App Tuesday Midnight in between 12:00 Am to 12:05 AM.
  • Then Scratch all cards one by one. After completion of scratching each card, you will get free cash from each and every card.

After following above steps you will get free cash from every card successfully. I already test this Tez app trick personally and I get free cash from each scratch card. I hope everyone will follow this trick and get success to win free cash from Tez app Scratchcard.

Why do we need to scratch card After Midnight?

Basically, Google updates their funds after midnight. Who scratching card midnight they will have huge chances to win from every card.


So that’s it I hope you will get everything best and related information regarding Tez App Tricks | How To Remove Better Luck Next Time in Tez App. So now you can use this Tez app for payment and earn free money. This app consists simple interface so everyone easily uses this Tez without facing any problems. You have any queries then comment below. If You like this article then share this with your friends.

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