Recent times everyone having smartphones with an internet connection. Day by day technology goes wider and we will feel awesome by knowing them. It does not matter how many technology tricks we know, but they are so many secret internet tricks and tips we don’t know. In this “BEST SECRET INTERNET TRICKS AND TIPS 2018” article, we will be explaining you some of the free internet tricks. That’s will help you to find shortcuts and simple way to use the INTERNET.

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Everyone using Facebook most often, if you have checked Facebook with your friends or family members device after some time you realized to LOGOUT? That was a horrible situation but don’t fear here is a secret internet trick for those facing this situation. There is a simple way to LOGOUT your profile remotely. First, you have to open SETTINGS option on facebook then go to SECURITY SETTINGS then open WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN. From this, you will have access to close all open sessions, on which device is still running on.

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internet tricks and tips


It’s one of the best computer tricks for those who want to hide their browsing history. INCOGNITO mode is a setting is that prevents internet history not being stored. For example, if you visit a web page, any text, pictures, and cookies loaded in the page stored in your browser. If you use INCOGNITO mode setting that will not happen. This is not just as people assume for looking explicit content or embarrassing content. But can prove when you are browsing some personal and important sites. That will not show if you use INCOGNITO MODE setting in the browser. If you want to know more internet tips and tricks then go through “BEST SECRET INTERNET TRICKS AND TIPS 2018” article.

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This is one of the best free internet tricks for Android and PC. This internet trick was useful for those who have the interest to view other passwords those store in the browser. When someone types a password in computer or browser then we will get big dot or stars that’s hide password. But we have a way to uncover the password that these stars shield from us. Here we will need to change the type of form field from password to text. Many keeping weak passwords, for better security keep your password strong. At last, don’t leave your typed password your computer. Any web or software developer know how to reveal your password from form text.

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All are facing these problems and get distractions while using the internet in serious mode. You were busy with your work, but Gchats, Twitter you don’t want to tear the Ethernet cable from the computer, but you still need internet speed in some capacity. So, here is the solution luckily there is a software you can use to help. Cold turkey is the software you get on the internet and download it. That will prevent a user from visiting sites, but whitelist others. You can even block certain sites and applications on a timer set it to ensure you keep away from Facebook. Cold Turkey is free and pro mode but there are some other applications like self-control. If this Cold Turkey software is useful, then you want to know more internet tricks and tips you should check “BEST SECRET INTERNET TRICKS AND TIPS 2018” article.

internet tricks and tips


If you want to set a timer in your Google then here we are giving info how to use Google as a timer. It was a cool internet trick that allows you to use Google as a countdown clock or an alarm clock. To use Google Timer type either of the following in Google search:

timer for <time>


set timer for <time>

Above set is an optional part of the command. You can also give precise time in a number of hours, minutes and seconds.

For example::

time for 4 minutes 51 seconds.

internet tricks and tips

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So, that’s all I hope ‘BEST SECRET INTERNET TRICKS AND TIPS 2018‘ gives you best and useful internet tips that will boost your internet usage very easily. This all internet tips will give a simple way to use the internet. If you like this article, share with your friends and you have any queries then comment below.




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