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Internet Tips and Tricks

Internet Tips and Tricks

The internet is a powerful resource that has changed the way we do things. Everything from shopping to ordering a flight can be done on the internet. And with a few internet tips and tricks, you can make better use of the internet.

Internet Tips and TricksInternet Tips and Tricks

This article outlines popular hacks from a recent online poll, that can help you be more efficient online. The Tips mentioned allow you to work faster and get more value from using the internet.

Take Advantage of Tabbed Browsing

While browsing the internet, you’re likely to come across a link that interests you. Thanks to tabbed browsing, you can open the new page on another tab so it doesn’t interrupt whatever you’re doing. All you need to do is to hold down the control key and left-click the link.

You Don’t Need to Type Http:// When Browsing

This tip comes from students who rarely, if ever, type http://. When typing an internet address, you don’t need to type www or even http:// in the address bar. Simply type in the web address and press Enter. If you’re visiting a .com address, you can make things even faster by typing the internet address without adding .com then pressing Ctrl+Enter.

Quickly Move Between the Fields of a Web Page

If you’re filling out an email, online form or other text field, pressing the Tab key can allow you to quickly move between each of the fields. Pressing Shift+Tab enables you to move back a field quickly. This tip also applies to buttons. You can highlight buttons just by pressing Tab. Many companies with an online presence, such as Pen Chalet and Alcatraz Escape Games, utilize this feature as it helps them work quicker.

Know Your Internet Browser ShortcutsInternet Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of different shortcut keys that can be used with internet browsers. For instance, pressing Ctrl+L or Alt+D moves the cursor into the address bar.

  • You can increase or decrease the size of the text by holding down the control key and pressing + or – respectively. Simply reset the text by pressing Ctrl+0.
  • Press Ctrl+B to open bookmarks
  • Press Ctrl+R or F5 to reload or refresh a web page
  • Press the Alt key + left arrow or backspace key to go back a page.
  • Use internet search engines to their full potential

Make the most of search engines. If you’re not finding what you want, consider surrounding the text in quotes. For example, searching for “SEO help” without quotes returns results with “SEO” and “help” anywhere on the page. Searching for “SEO help” with quotes, on the other hand, returns pages with “SEO” and “help” next to each other.

Try Alternative Browsers

Most people use the browser that comes included with the installed Operating System. However, there are plenty of alternative browsers that are free to download and use with numerous features that your default browser may be lacking.

Bottom Line

Taking advantage of a few internet tips and tricks can make for a better browsing experience. Some additional tips from the national pool include for you to consider installing add-ons and plugins, making sure your browser and plugins are up to date and using online services. You can also utilize the internet to look up apps for your iPhone, such as strategy and trivia games. The right tips will make using your computer more enjoyable, more productive and a lot easier.

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