7 Shocking Best Trivia Games For iPhone You Should Check Right Now

Hi, guys thanks for landing in this article. iPhone games are divided into some categories Trivia games also one of them. These Trivia games are very useful to test your knowledge and in this, you will learn and know something you will never know past. If you are searching for best trivia games for iPhone then in this article you will get total and best information regarding them. So after trying plenty trivia games, I made a conclusion and proud to share 7 Shocking Best Trivia Games For iPhone with you. Before going into the article you will have some questions like What is the meaning of Trivia? What are the best Trivia games? The gameplay of those games? So without any delay let’s start our discussion!!!

best trivia games for iPhone

What is the meaning of Trivia?

Meaning of trivia is parts or bits of information. Which frequently having little bit importance.

7 Best Trivia Games For iPhone

All trivia games discussed here are available in app store.

#1. Quizoid

best trivia games for iPhone

This is one of the top trivia game. This is single player strips out online components. Quizoid tests your knowledge with 7000 questions on some topics such as history, sports, culture etc. Players in this game wants to get highest scores by running through questions. Before the game starts you will get three lifelines. If your answer was wrong then your game was over.

If you want a simple and challenging trivia game then this is the best option for you.

Download Quizoid Trivia Game Here

#2. Quiz up

best trivia games for iPhone

Quiz up is the most popular iOS trivia game app. This consist 149 topics and you have the option to play by yourself as a single player mode. If you want to play with the opponent then choose from your opponent from your available friends or pick randomly. Here you have to give a correct answer quickly. Why because others are getting more points by giving answers very fast so you have to compete them to get more points. Speed is more important in this Quiz up trivia game. By using Facebook, Google or Gmail you will have a chance to log into this game. If you love the thrill and then this Quiz up is for you.

Download Quiz up Trivia Game Here

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#3. Jeopardy! World Tour

best trivia games for iPhone

Now you will join jeopardy with its mobile game. This mobile app has opponent players to compete with different questions. These questions are coming from various categories those generate different points. Each and every question consist multiple choice answers and you have answered the questions within the given time. This jeopardy game consists single player mode and multiplayer modes. World tour comes with some changes such as striking off wrong answers and get extra time or chance to beat your rivals. This is must have a trivia game for any fan of iPhone games. I hope you sure feel this was a very good trivia game app for iPhone. You will get more info on best iPhone games keep follow our collection of 7 Best Trivia Games For iPhone.

Download Jeopardy Trivia Game Here

#4. Popcorn Trivia

best trivia games for iPhone

This is best free to play movie trivia game app for iPhone. These Popcorn Trivia consist so many different questions with movies and genres. If you give answers to them you earn popcorn that can use to customize your avatar or premium questions for most popular TV series. This available with single and multiplayer modes. And it consists leaderboards and stat tracker info.

Download Popcorn Trivia Game Here

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#5. HQ

best trivia games for iPhone

This is neat and best trivia game for iPhone and its consists live daily trivia contests held 9 P.M and 3 P.M on weekdays. Here each player has a chance to win daily cash prize this is an awesome opportunity for every player. This game has 12 multiple trivia questions and players get 10 seconds time to answer each. You can get daily cash prize you will get that prize paid out to through PayPal option. This is the combination of trivia questions, live hosted games and you will get money by all of this I made this is one of the best trivia game for you. If you want to know more about best iPhone games then keep going to our “7 Best Trivia Games For iPhone” article.

Download Here: ” Crossy Road iPhones App “

Download HQ Trivia Game Here

#6. Trivia Crack

best trivia games for iPhone

If you already know about above trivia games then take a look at Trivia Crack. This quiz game consists beautiful cartoon designs with different trivia questions. Here you will play with your Facebook friends or you have a chance to select random opponents. In this Travia crack game, you have to spin the wheel to answer the questions. This questions will come based on sports, science, history, art, entertainment, geography. You have to answer them quickly to win the game. Here you can get the ability to steal your enemy characters to wager your own.

Download Trivia Crack Trivia Game Here

#7. Fleetwit

best trivia games for iPhone

This is a live and real-time trivia game. Where players try to answer trivia questions correctly and quickly. Fleetwit consists a variety of races and some of them are available for free to participate. And some users buy credits to participate higher range races with winners. And if you score more then you will get prizes like cash or gift.

Download Fleetwit Trivia Game Here

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That’s all for now, Now I am signing off, I will be back with another article shortly. I hope you will get the best and good info regarding best trivia games for iPhone in this 7 Shocking Best Trivia Games For iPhone You Should Check Right Now”  article. If you are having any queries then feel free to comment below. If you like this article then share this with your friends. Sharing doesn’t cost any penny.


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