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Best Trivia App for iPhone

Best Trivia App for iPhone

Trivia games are an excellent way to test your mental prowess and exercise your brain. Whether you prefer specific topics or knowledge trivia, that are plenty of games for your iPhone that are worth downloading. So, which is the best trivia app for iPhone?

Best Trivia App for iPhone

If you recently repaired your iPhone, you may be looking for new apps to try out. This article discusses some of the best trivia apps you can install on your iPhone. It includes a wide range of trivia apps such as HQ Trivia and Jeopardy! World Tour.

HQ TriviaBest Trivia App for iPhone

No one knows exactly what the HQ stands for in HQ trivia, but the app is quite popular. It’s a live trivia game show where you’re supposed to answer 12 questions twice each weekday. Should you get all the answers correct, you’ll win the jackpot. The game has gained considerable popularity because you win real money. The prize money typically hovers around $2500 but Sunday games are typically much bigger.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is an ideal game for those who like general trivia and enjoy going head-to-head with random strangers or friends. The game allows you to challenge someone in six different categories: History, Art, Entertainment, Geography, Sports and Science. The game involves taking turns with your opponent answering questions. Keep answering a question right and you get to keep going until you either win or lose the entire contest.


This is another trivia game where the goal is to answer questions as fast as you can. You’re supposed to go head-to head against an opponent with seven different general knowledge questions. Wrong answers get nothing and the right answers are awarded points. The game also has a bunch of additional features such as experience gain and special powers to spice things up.

SongPop 2

SongPop 2 is a great trivia game for music lovers. The game lets you face off with an opponent in a battle of music knowledge. Pick your favorite music genre and your favorite decade so you can challenge people from all over the world with different playlists. Each playlist will have five songs that you need to identify either the artist or song and get points for each correct answer. You get more points for identifying a song faster.

Jeopardy! World TourBest Trivia App for iPhone

This game brings all the fun of the long-running TV game show Jeopardy to your iPhone. You and your opponents get to face off in three different rounds each with three different categories. You’re then awarded points for answering the questions right. In the final Jeopardy! or should you come across any “Daily Double,” you’ll be able to wager your points and potentially earn double. Jeopardy is a great game for those who enjoy a good brain workout.


This game is quite interesting because not only are you challenged to answer questions correctly, but you’re also required to give a fake answer designed to throw off your opponents. It’s like a party game where you and your friends need to connect to the same room to play together. You get points for guessing correctly and also fooling your opponents.

Who Plays Trivia Games?

Many people enjoy playing trivia games. It can be fun to play among friends, or play with coworkers during breaks. Trivia games can be enjoyed in various professional environments, such as an educational setting, or as a team building activity.

Bottom Line

So, which is the best trivia app for iPhone? Ultimately, it boils down to preference. Nonetheless, there’s plenty to learn from trivia games, whether you’re playing for fun or educational purposes. The trivia apps mentioned above will be sure to boost your mental powers and flex your brain. You can also try other apps, such as those that can change your voice. If you don’t have an iPhone, we also discuss different android apps to download.

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