Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download In 2018

First of all thanks for landing this article, nowadays smartphone is the most powerful gadget that allows you most whatever you want by adding best android tool apps can take your Android device quotient to next level. Hey, you think about camera and gallery apps, No, we are not talking about that here you will get Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download In 2018. If you are eagerly waiting to know for best utility apps for Android 2017 for Android devices then you are in the right place. So without any delay let’s directly jump into the collection of best android tools apps. In this article, I am going to discuss “Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download in 2018” which can help you to use android phones or smartphones easily.

Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download 

Before starting all the below apps only for android were to install on your device all are available in Google Play Store.

  1. SMART TOOLSbest android utility apps free download


This Smart Tools application helps you to measure different objects using different tools with your phone. This app is the perfect all in one combo of daily use tools. It contains a different type of measures such as length, angle, slope, smart rules, protractor pro, weight, height, distance, direction, metal detector, area, GPS, sound level meter, barometer, vibration pro, smart compass pro and sound meter. If you install SMART TOOLS application that can prove to be very useful to make your life “SMARTER”.

Download Here: ” SMART TOOLS APP”

  1. SYSTWEAK ANDROID CLEANERbest android utility apps free download


SYSTWEAK ANDROID CLEANER is basically a cleaning and performance boosting app for android phones. It will optimise features such as speed booster, app cache cleaner, battery saver and game booster. By using this app you will get rid of unwanted junk with just a tap. Moreover, you can manage storage and battery consumption effectively with this tools. If you are haven’t used this app before the do try it now, you surely love it. For best utility apps for Android 2017 keep reading our collection of ‘Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download In 2018‘.

Download Here: ” Systweak Android Cleaner App “

  1. IP TOOLS NETWORK UTILITIESbest android utility apps free download


IP TOOLS NETWORK UTILITY app was very useful for IT specialists, network administrators and enthusiasts you can adjust and analyze any network you connect. The best thing about this app was you can directly open your router’s login page from this if in case you need to edit any settings. Basically, this android tools app works in Linux mode and can fetch IP, SSID, and Broadcast address, gateway, network mask and more. If you want to run traceroute and ping commands to any destination to check the app is better for that. IP TOOLS is free to download, but feature ads. To remove ads you have to buy pro version. If you a geek you should give it a try and try out the features it offers.

Download Here: ” IP Tools: Network Utilities App “

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  1. ANY.DO

best android utility apps free download

ANY.DO is undoubtedly one of the best tool apps for Android which takes care of your important errands very easily. This is a clean and easy to use cloud-based to-do list app. The best thing about this android tools app was handles task lists, checklists, schedules, and note taking equal time. Speech recognition allows you to just speak out new entries. ANY.DO makes a fantastic addition to your productivity tools while keeping presentation clean and simple.

Download Here: ” Any.Do App”

  1. IFTTTbest android utility apps free download


If you find yourself wasting a lot of time with repetitive internet tasks or if you just want to automate tasks of triggers and actions ranging from websites, apps and even smart devices, applications and peripherals. Other best option IFTTT consist that you can browse through other people’s trending and featured recipes themed collections and most popular that can install and modify. The best thing about this android tools app was it allows you to make connections between other apps. That means if you upload a photo to your Dropbox after you share it on INSTAGRAM.

  1. GOOGLE GESTURE SEARCHbest android utility apps free download


If you are facing problems for searching contacts, apps, settings, music bookmarks etc. Then go to GOOGLE GESTURE SEARCH app is best for those who are facing a problem. It continuously searches result as we add gesture and letters. It provides easy to use interface with quick searching tools. Here you do not need to find settings apps etc. Just simply draw the letter on your smartphone screen and see the result.

Download Here: ” Google Gesture Search App “

  1. LastPass PASSWORD MANAGERbest android utility apps free download


If you lousy in managing your account passwords then you should get a decent password manager app from android tools apps. Recent times hacking or constantly attracts online accounts you can never be too sure in terms of your account security. The “LastPass PASSWORD MANAGER” app saves passwords of your multiple accounts and also generate new passwords for you, so always stay updated on security. It auto-fills the login ID and Passwords on the respective website for you. This best android app was secure why because it requires a master password or fingerprint to launch then only you can access the saved info. After you open the app you can add or update your accounts and you earn even add notes to store personal info like bank account details, Wi-Fi passwords etc. This app also available for those who are using PC’s and iOS as well.

Download Here: ” Last Pass Password Manager App “

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So, that’s all. I am sure you found quite new and best android tools apps from this list and will immediately start using them to boost your development productivity. These are some of the ‘Top 7 Best Android Utility Apps Free Download in 2018‘ that can simplify your day to day tasks. If you like this article please share with your friends. If you have any quires then comment below and thanks for visiting.



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