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Best Android Utility Apps Free Download

Best Android Utility Apps Free Download

There are plenty of Android utility apps and tools out there that allow you to do a whole bunch of stuff with your Android device. Taking advantage of the best apps allows you to enjoy a much better Android experience. Here are some of the best Android utility apps you should consider installing on your device.

Best Android Utility Apps

This post highlights some of the best Android utility apps you should consider installing. It features everything from Find My Device by Google to GasBuddy and Solid Explorer.

Find My Device by Google

This free app is probably one of the most valuable Android apps. It lets you ping your device’s location in the event that it becomes stolen or lost. It’s compatible with Wear OS smartwatches, tablets, and even phones. You can erase your device, lock it or show a message to ask the finder to return it. It’s a free service, but if you want something a little more powerful with more features, check out the paid app Cerberus.


This is a great app that helps you find gas stations that are closest to you. It can come in handy when trying to locate fueling stations when you’re running low on gas or are unfamiliar with the area. You can also use it to find the cheapest gas in your area. Moreover, the app allows you to help other drivers by reporting the gas prices at stations near you.


Glasswire is a great utility app for a wide range of reasons. It shows when your apps use data, which is useful for several reasons. If you’re on a metered data plan, for example, GlassWire can help you to see exactly where your data went. It’s also useful for security reasons because you can see whenever apps send data back to their servers.

best android utility apps

Google Assistant/ Google Feed/ Google Search

This official Google app is one of the most powerful tools on mobile. It allows you to do almost anything — from controlling your smart lighting to asking Google Assistant for the weather forecast. Google Feed, on the other hand, provides a feed of relevant info customized just for you. The benefits of Google search are pretty obvious and are used by numerous renowned companies such as pay-per-click advertising professionals, Paracore and custom team apparel experts, HuddleUp Stores.

IFTTT and Tasker

IFTTT is an amazing app that allows you to link several apps. For instance, you can have IFTTT upload a photo to your Google Drive after you share it on Facebook. It can do plenty of other tasks as well. Numerous apps have IFTTT integration built-in and you can even use it to do things like controlling your smart lights. Tasker is also a great app, it’s more powerful but slightly harder to use.

Solid Explorer

This app is probably one of the best file managers on Android right now. It supports the basic stuff ranging from moving stuff around and checking storage folders to archiving and unarchiving files. It also has more advanced features such as support for root users, support for various types of web servers and cloud storage support.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the best Android utility apps. Additional apps to consider installing include Wifi Analyzer, ProtonVPN,  and MiXplorer Silver. With a little research, you can always find an app that will improve your Android experience and make some everyday tasks a lot easier. Beyond just utility apps, there are also tons of apps available in the Google Playstore ranging from some of the best movie apps to voice changers


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