Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018

Nowadays, every using an Android-based phone, that becomes a great business tool for all. The Android phone gives you information regarding lifestyle, travel, news and more. One of the most basic and important functions is to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers. Communications denote many different things, including texting, tweeting, broadcasting, emailing, podcasting and some other forms of connecting with someone. Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018 gives you a brief idea about best communication apps or messaging apps. Basically, we found more than two dozen dissimilar selections for finding new ways to stay in touch. Most Used Android Communication Apps we discus chatting apps (video and audio and text). Whether you are looking for android communication apps then you will spend some time with “Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018”.

Best Android Communication Apps

All communication applications we are conferring in this article all are available in Google Play Store.

  1. WHATSAPP(ANDROID, iOS)android communication apps


WHATSAPP is more useful communication app in recent times. Since after its launch, WhatsApp has become one of the widely used social networking apps on the Google Play store. Why because WhatsApp is free and allows you to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues via messaging and calls. This app absolutely for free of cost does not charge you a single penny. It does not have the advertisement and does not require you to create an account. The WhatsApp has continuously added new features to its toolkits, such as starts, emoji, and fully encrypted messaging between WhatsApp users. The account was different for different devices, not same for all. This maintains a good security and some concerns about privacy and data sharing with third parties. You will get more info on chat apps for android keep follow our collection of “Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018“.

Download Here: “Whats App Messenger “



MESSENGER App is designed for facebook it is dedicated messenger app that builds on facebooks existing chat network and adds. More mobile messaging feature. Every Facebook user must install the messenger to communicate via messaging. After installing this app you should sign via Facebook and can send other users usual chat messages, as well voice messages and calls to other Messenger users on Android. Messenger has a neat heads up(chats and heads) feature that pops up on the screen to permit you to chat even when additional apps are on-screen. If those using Lite version facebook suggestions a slimmed down messenger lite. It provides messaging experience for older phones with less memory and handling power. And facebooks planning on adding chat extensions that bring your favorite apps into messenger.

Download Here: ” Messenger Android App “

  1. SKYPEandroid communication apps


Most of all already familiar with Skype Microsoft’s Skype (Android, iOS, Windows) is most known for its video and voice call functionality. This software has been used on computers for video calling for a long time. After smartphones come into picture skype also available for Android devices too. That makes voice-calling feature our fingerprint. The best part of this app was you send text, photos and even when they are not online. Additionally, you can use Skype credits to create calls to mobile phones and landlines. Microsoft is looking to raise the power of bots in skype as it works to enable artificial intelligence programs to handle the assignment. If you want to know more about communication applications then keep going to our “Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018.

Download Here: ” Skype Android App “

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  1. LINEandroid communication apps


This is one of the finest messaging and calling app for Android users. It enables to call and connect family and friends without any limitations. The best thing this app was it consist message-based conversation and it has the huge collection of emoji and stickers that make your conversation very special. This app consists support for the terribly large group of conversations and calls with up to 200  participants. The pro version of this app has a chance to make paid international calls to mobiles and landline numbers. Adding to this line users gets follow celebrities, favorite brands, with official channels with that you will get the latest buzz. Line app added new features it makes it easy to store particular images, messages, and videos. So that you can re-share with your friends very easily.

Download Here: ” Line Android App “

  1. GOOGLE ALLOandroid communication apps


Here we are going to give info on one of the best messaging apps that belong to google family. Google Allo adds best AI assistant functions to everyday chat and Sms app. Google Allo having same features like chat, photo messaging, emoji, stickers. It has another feature doodle/annotation tool for photos. The best feature in this app was having google assistant that can suggest quick message replies or find relevant information to your chat conversations.Such as weather report, nearby restaurant and additional. It has incognito chat mode that features end to end encryptions, private notifications, and self-destructing messages.

Download Here: ” Google Allo App “


So, that is all I hope Most Used Android Communication Apps For 2018 provides you best and helpful communication tricks which will boost your communication usage terribly simply. If you like this article, share along with your friends and you’ve got any queries then comment below.



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